Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP), brings together a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research team in Ireland with expertise in electricity, gas, water and data, with the relevant industry partners to focus on building human capacity and to develop a national coherent research activity in ESI.

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    Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme
2019 UCD Sustainability LaunchPad showcases Innovation

Congratulations to all four finalist teams who took part in the 2019 UCD Sustainability Launchpad pitching on Wednesday November 20th, and to the winners who worked on the CHUM project to raise awareness for the challenges of tube-fed children. We had the honour of a keynote talk from Eddie O’Connor who commended the participants for their commitment to becoming agents of change and the importance and impact of looking to solve big problems.

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The Energy Institute Real Time (EIRT) Display shows the current status of the electricity systems in Ireland and the UK, including information on demand, wind generation, frequency and interconnector flows. The information used to power the page is based on data from ENTSO-E, EirGrid and Elexon. The display is updated in real time providing an interesting overview of the electricity systems.

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